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     When I first met Marco in 2020, he was already cemented as a fixture in fine art and photography, known for his profound contributions and community spirit. He generously lent backdrops for a sculpture exhibition I was curating— a gesture marking the beginning of my deep respect for his craft and business savvy. It’s an honor to curate this exhibition that displays Marco’s artistic talents and celebrates his collaborative spirit.

     Over the last thirty years, Marco has honed a unique approach that fully separates his functional backdrops from his fine art creations. At Schmidli Backdrops, revered for producing the highest quality backdrops in the industry, each piece begins as a study of process for Marco. Refining his techniques through many and large iterations, he applies the most intriguing methods to create fine art using superior materials, deliberately distinguishing these pieces from his commercial productions.

     The exhibition you will walk through reveals this dual aspect of Marco’s practice. Each backdrop and each piece of art stands on its own, yet shares a common thread of meticulous process and material curiosity. The scale of these works and their detail are phenomenal.

     In a seamless fusion, we’ve incorporated an interactive element into this show. We’re excited to welcome a group of talented creatives to use Marco’s backdrops, transforming the gallery into a live studio and fostering a vibrant exchange between the art, the creators, and the spectators; amplifying the communal experience and reinforcing the gallery as a pillar of creative production.

     As you pace through the space, I hope you find peace while reflecting on the journey of each creation—from idea to installation—and appreciate the expert craftsmanship that Marco commands. This showcase is a testament to a legacy built on passion, precision, and a deep commitment to artistic curiosity. 

— Victor Gonzalez
Director and Curator

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Shot on Leica

By Mike Anderson


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